E1NS Pure
Manufacturer ILOVEYOYO
Release date 2006-2007
Shape Butterfly
Color Polished
Weight 74 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 50mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C Dorothy
Response system .555 Dif Pads

The E1NS Pure is the first release of the German manufacturer ILoveYoYo. It is an undersized, Butterfly-shaped yo-yo made from high-grade 7075 aluminum. The yo-yo was an experimental release, which offers bare playability. No anodized finishes or fancy laser engravings, just a beautifully polished body. It also featured a large Dorothy bearing from YoYoFactory, along with .555 size Dif Pad response from Dif-e-Yo.

The finalized version of the E1NS isn't just coated, it has a wider gap and is lighter than the Pure. In addition to that, it uses flowable silicone as the response system.


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