Bild 1
Manufacturer ILOVEYOYO
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Red
Weight 65.5g
Dimensions 50mm diameter, 37mm width
Material Aluminium, anodized and bead blasted.
Bearing size 6x13x5mm
Response system Recessed silicone

The Mary is one of the latest creations from ILOVEYOYO, The guys that already brought us the E1NS and the Wasabi. It was released simultaneously with the Wasabi, and while the Wasabi was "crackout´s" signature yoyo the Mary is "raytsh´s". Only 100 were made, eighty of which were available through Euro-Yo and Yoyoz the rest were distributed through Yoyonation or through the guys directly.


The Mary might be small but it plays BIG! Imagine a smaller Bape with absolutely no wobble or vibration. Very solid and stable. I think it´s one of the best yoyos out there and it´s quite a looker as well!

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