The HD-12 Hyper Dragon Heavy Metal Body (Japanese: ハイパードラゴンヘヴィメタルボディー) is a standalone component released by Bandai for the Hyper Dragon yo-yo.


These Body parts are made out of aluminum, making them the heaviest. When the Hyper Dragon is equipped with this component, it becomes a metal yo-yo in the vein of the Silver Bullet 2 or the Cold Fusion. With the Heavy Metal Body, one can expect a significant increase in weight, and by extension, much longer spinning, especially with the HD-05 Metal Bearing set. It can be made even heavier with the addition of a Rearrange or Heavy Weight set. It also features a recessed starburst response system (also seen in the Henrys Coral Snake), which is quite rare for a metal yo-yo. 


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