Helane Zeiger also know as the The Yo-Yo Lady is the author of World on a String: The How-to Yo-yo Book. Zeiger has been a professional yo-yoer for over 25 years and has appeared on The Dinah Shore Show as well as several morning and news shows. Zeigler has also performed at libraries, schools, and shopping malls. Her experinces are drawn from demonstrating for the Duncan Yo-Yo Company, Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos, and Playmaxx (Pro-Yo).


Helane Zeiger got her start yo-yoing at age ten when she got hooked during the yo-yo craze of the 50s. Early on Zeiger saw demonstrations by a Duncan pro at the corner candy store in her native Bronx. This was the catalyst that motivated her into a life of yo-yos. Zeigler soon moved forward becoming first a professional demonstrated for the Duncan Yo-Yo Company, and later for Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos, and Pro-Yo. During this time she also wrote the book ‘’World on a String: The How-to Yo-yo Book’’.

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