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3A Finals - 1st - Hank Freeman - 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest03:30

3A Finals - 1st - Hank Freeman - 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest

Hank "Chicken" Freeman is a three-time National and World 3A Champion, and currently the senior member of Duncan Crew World-Wide.

His first signature yo-yo is the Freebird, made of Delrin and first released at the 2010 World Yo-yo Contest.

His second signature yo-yo is the Triumph, a machined aluminum yo-yo released in 2014. The Triumph was named to represent his three World & National championship titles, all in the 3A division.

His smooth style and boyish good looks keep him at the forefront of the yo-yo world. He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, after a brief stint as an English-speaking tour guide in Prague, Czech Republic.

Alongside Drew Tetz, he founds 44RPM, a start-up specializing in wooden "flatpack" toys, which are made by laser carving from a single piece of wood. In 2015, 44RPM released Freeman's latest signature yo-yo, the Rhythm.

Signature Yo-yos



  • 3rd Place at the World Yo-Yo Contest - 3A
  • 1st Place at the Duncan International Yo-Yo Championships - 3A


  • 1st Place at the Duncan International Yo-Yo Championships - 3A
  • 1st Place at the Las Vegas Open International Yo-Yo Championships - 3A
  • 2nd Place at World YoYo Contest - 3A






  • 1st Place at US Nationals - 3A
  • Coined his now famous catch phrase "It's cool. No biggie."




  • 1st Place at Mid-Atlantic Regionals 

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