Manufacturer HSpin
Release date December 2005
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 71.70 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55mm
Width: 45.5mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size D HSpin
Response system Dif Pads (some versions can accept silicone)

The Pyro is a yo-yo produced by HSpin. The initial run was released in December of 2005, with the second run in May 2006. The 2nd run featured different color schemes (including all-orange) and an updated laser-engraved pattern. The Pyro is also graced as having one of the highest production numbers of any modern metal yo-yo released to date making it one of the most available metal yo-yos produced in the past ten years, next to YoYoFactory's 888 series.

It is easily distinguished between other yo-yos because of its delicate laser-work and wide profile, and is notable as the first yo-yo to feature laser engravings on the profile. It also introduced a new axle with extremely tight threads, making it one of the smoothest yo-yos of its day, however the thinness of the axle made it prone to breaking when it is over-tightened. The Pyro also boasts a matte-anodized coating on the outer and inner surfaces for low-friction finger and palm grinds, with the laser engravings helping to reduce friction.

Many players, however, had complained that the Pyro was too heavy and that its width made it feel like throwing an unopened soda can during play, leading to the development of the Pyro Light.

Special Editions

  • Black Pyro (40 made): Ceramic bead-blasted ultra smooth surface, allowing for super-low friction through ematalization, which produces a coating more effective than teflon.
  • Green Pyro (50 made): Available exclusively for the AYYA. (see Gallery)
  • Gold Pyro (89 made): 24k gold-plated version. (see Gallery)
  • Blue Pyro (100 made): Only available on the YoYoNation online store with an exclusive flame pattern.
  • "Sex On The String" Pyro (30 made): A Japanese-themed Pyro with a "hand-anodized" surface; a real piece of art, no two yo-yos look alike. Boasts a ceramic bead-blasted ultra smooth surface. The name is a pun on the term "Sex on the Beach".
  • Pyro USA (150 made): Features an all-American design of one half blue, one half red and white laser engravings. Modern guts à la Cut (accepts silicone).
  • Pyro Ghost (150 made): A Pyro without any anodization. Still features the laser engravings on the profile, though. Modern guts à la Cut (accepts silicone).


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