Good and Evil 1 (G&E1)
Manufacturer HSpin
Release date 2004
Shape Butterfly
Color Black/Blue
Weight 67 grams
Dimensions 2 3/8" Diameter
Material Aluminium with brass weight rings
Bearing size Size D HSpin
Response system Dif Pads

Released in 2004, the Good and Evil (often abbreviated as the G&E or G&E1) by HSpin featured a wide Butterfly shape and Dif Pad response from Dif-e-Yo. Though it was initially conceived as a continuation of the earlier HandQuake series, the Good & Evil was quickly realized as the start of a new era in yo-yo design.

The G&E featured a large gap and a bi-metallic body composition like the HandQuake, with brass weight rings. It also kept the black and blue color scheme of the HandQuake 1.4b, but the shape of the gap is much wider. A total of about 150 serial-numbered Good and Evil's were made.

The yo-yo was soon followed up with an updated design in the form of the Good and Evil 2

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