Manufacturer HSpin
Release date April 2007
Shape H-Profile
Color Green/Grey
Weight 70 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55mm
Width: 39mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size D HSpin
Response system Recessed Dif Pads

The Envy is a machined aluminum yo-yo released by HSpin in 2007. The next major release following the Pyro, the Envy continued to push the envelope of yo-yo design. Though it was not regarded as well suited for competitive play, it is notable for being incredibly smooth, high-quality Swiss engineering, as well as influencing modern metal yo-yo designs in a significant way. It was produced in half green, half gray, with innovative laser engravings on both the inside and outside of the halves.

Most recognizably, the Envy features the "H"-shaped profile, which concentrates the weight on the rims to an extreme that was never explored in metal designs before this time. This design also resulted in a flat area for finger grinds on the profile of the yo-yo, enabling extremely long grinds on this surface due to the small diameter relative to the weight distribution. Although upon release many players cited the Henrys Lizard as having used the H-shaped weight distribution and shape earlier, it was not very influential. As a plastic yo-yo, it was more of a novelty shape rather than an innovative weight distribution feature with practical use.

With such extreme rim weight, the Envy does not have a thumb grind lip, a major departure from previous HSpin designs, which had helped establish the popularity of inner ring grinds with the Good & Evil series and the Pyro. However, the weight of the Envy is comparable to the Pyro at around 70 grams, however the envy's width is a more ordinary 39mm. Along with the YoYoFactory G5, the Envy was fundamental to advancing the widespread appeal of the H-shaped weight distribution. The initial run in April 2007 consisted of 500 yo-yos.

While the Pyro made a significant design statement with laser-engraved flames on the profile, the Envy also introduced innovative lasering, with pointillist engravings which formed grayscale images of photorealistic quality.

In response to user feedback, a lighter version of the Envy was later produced at 64 grams, known as the Envy64.


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