West Uranium Black
Manufacturer HICOO
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Black, Silver
Weight 69 g
Dimensions 56mm diameter/42mm width
Material Aluminium
Bearing size Hspin
Response system Recessed Sticker-Pad

The West Uranium Black is the fourth high-end aluminum yo-yo made by Black Cement. It may look like the original West Uranium, but the inner structure has big differences. First one is the response system had been changed to friction stickers. Sticker platforms are deeply recessed , same technology as Mini 7. Second change is thinner walls, extra material is used on adding diameter and width which increases sleeper time. Because of this change, the yo-yo is meant to be weaker than the original West Uranium. Third difference is a slighty change in the outer shape, from roudish to more squarish. All changes on West Uranium Black require advance players in order to perform its excellences.

Even know that this yo-yo calls "West Uranium Black", there is actually a silver edition. Only two produced, can be found in Black Cement's house.

The 2nd run West Uranium Black is an exclusive item at Yoyonation, features pinkish purple colour engraves, scratchless coat, and apealing wooden case.

PS. New version of West Uranium with a new response system may release in the future.


Special Photos

Player Review

  • I think it has the coolest packaging!! -- Wing, 11 January 2007

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