West Uranium
Manufacturer HICOO
Release date 2006
Shape Butterfly
Color Silver with black weight rings
Weight 65-70 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminum with rubber O-ring weights
Bearing size Size C
Response system Silicone O-ring

The West Uranium was the first yo-yo released by Black Cement as part of his HICOO product line in 2006, also the first ever aluminum yo-yo made by a Chinese company. This yo-yo is made for beginners and has a low price, because Black Cement wanted all Chinese players to see what a high-end metal yo-yo truly is. West Uranium has thick walls and a Butterfly shape, and no matter how many times you drop it on the floor, only a ding or scuff is left on the yo-yo and it still plays like new. In addition, O-ring weight rings are provided with this yo-yo, so players can set its weight the way they want.

When the yo-yo is thrown in a sleeper, it will slightly wobble until the string stabilizes it or until it stops spinning. The rubber O-ring weights, when equipped, can reduce this wobbling. The West Uranium also uses silicone O-ring response. Not that many people had recognized that, but Black Cement did.

Interesting point to note: When it was first released, some people assumed that the yo-yo was designed by Nick (the owner of the Taiwanese skill toy store "Wonderful Yo-Yo World"). In fact, Nick was only helping Black Cement in making the yo-yo available in markets outside of China.

Approximately 100 pieces were made, and they were mostly sold in Mainland China.


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