Manufacturer HICOO
Release date 2006-2007
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 47-?g
Dimensions  ?mm diameter/?mm width
Material  ?
Bearing size Hspin
Response system Silicone o-ring

The LEO is the fifth yo-yo designed by Black Cement from China. The shape of this yo-yo is inspired by the first yo-yo with H-shape, Hspin ENVY. The first drawing of LEO was made in the late summer of 2006, featuring a slim, roundish H-shape with side cap bearings. After YoYoFactory G5 released to the market, the advancements and good works of the yo-yo were impressed by Black Cement, so he decided to stop the models of LEO which were ready to produce and changed the design slightly. As a result, the shape of LEO does look like the G5, but the side cap bearings function is cancelled. The camber of the body is very high, so that it is suitable for long time horizontal tricks because of reduced friction between the string and the body. The major difference between LEO and G5 is the material. The metal (has not been announced yet) applied to LEO is very light and incredibly strong, that caused the weight of the yo-yo from 68 grams down to 47 grams. Rubber weight rings would be provided with LEO, features H-shape with even more rim weights.

The flower patterns on LEO actually took over 30 hours to accomplish, inspired by random British art works.

The 7 prototypes of LEO are actually anodized in gold;43 final products were made in various colours.


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