Inca-3 15
Manufacturer HICOO
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Copper
Weight 47-70 g
Dimensions 52mm diameter/40mm width
Material Aluminium
Bearing size Hspin
Response system Recessed Sticker-Pad

The Inca is the sixth high-end aluminum yo-yo designed by Black Cement. It has a similar shape compare to YoYoFactory F.A.S.T 401k, but the real item might be slighty different than the computer images. The decision of choosing the yo-yo dimensions actually took a long period of time and many tests, and the reason is different player has different preference on the yo-yo size. Blacks Cement wants to find a size that many players may like for 1A playing, just like Duncan Freehand Zero for 5A playing.

The hubs of Inca are compatible of side cap bearings, but they are not provided.

The logo of this yo-yo actually took weeks of research, it has a deep meaning to ancient civilizations. The drawing of the logo actually took only one day to accomplish due to Black Cement is a professional visual designer.

Approximate 130 yo-yos were made, release in Febuary 2007.

Computer Images

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