Guang Dong Yo-Yo Alliance is an unofficial yo-yo alliance that allies yo-yo players all over the province Guang Dong in China. Unfortunately, the troop is too big and the only way to unite most players is from Fo Shan Yo-Yo Contest. The regions that involve in this alliance are Guang Zhou, Fo Shan, Shen Zhen, and many more.

Members List

Guang Zhou

Jian-Bin (Kobe) Luo (a.k.a Tall Guy)

Title:GDYYA Founder

Acheivement: China Yo-Yo Contest 2006 - 2nd

Hong Kong Yo-Yo Contest 2006 - 1A 5th

VHYC 2006 - 1A 4TH

Playing style: 1A, 5A

Zhen-Ye Wu

Title: Member

Playing style: 2A

(42 people in total)

Shen Zhen

Zhan-Hong (Jeyo) Wang

Title: Member Yoforce Webmaster

Achievement: VHYC 2006 - 1A 5th

Playing style: 1A, 2A, 4A, 5A

Zi-Liang Hong (a.k.a FuryLiang)

Title: Member

Acheivement: VHYC 2006 - 5A 4th

Playing style: 1A, 5A

(20 people in total)

Fo Shan

Zhao-Hong He

Title: Member

Achievement: Hong Kong Yo-Yo Contest 2006 - 4A 4th VHYC 2006 - 4A 1st

Playing style: 1A, 4A

Hong-Fei Chan

Title: Member

Zhi-Hao Li

Title: member

(37 people in total)

Meeting Information

Where: Various

When: Times vary

Who: Everyone

External Links

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