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Fo Shan Yo-Yo Contest (FSYYC) is the only regional yo-yo contest in Mainland China. In the end of February, participants all over China (includes Hong Kong and Macau) would come to the city of Fo Shan, and compete in the contest. The first FSYYC, which held in 2006, was unofficial because there is no professional judges and all divisions were mix together. Starting in 2007, the contest is divided into 1A division, Y division, and combine division. Professional judges were invited from Hong Kong.

2007 Competition

Single A Divison

Chan, Man Fai66.671st
Hou, Xiao Feng59.382nd
Yan, Dick58.023rd
Wang, Jeyo50.464th
Xun, Gen Wa50.085th
Deng, Sonic49.096th
Wong, Steve48.327th
Chen, Zhen Neng47.518th
He, Bi Hong44.319th
Luo, Jian Bin41.5810th
Lin, Wei Gang41.3211th
Wong, Vei Lok40.1212th
Li, Meteor40.1013th
Li, Zhi Hao39.5914th
Zhao, Qing37.9815th
Dai, Gum Pang35.9316th
Wu, KJ30.1317th
He, Zhi Wei27.9218th
Zong, Ga Hou24.3519th
Wu, Kuto20.7520th
Liang, Jia Jie18.0721st

Y Division

Yiu, Siu Ho65.91st
Chan, Wang To51.542nd
Zhao, Qing37.553rd
Cheng, Shing Tak31.714th
Hong, FuryLiang23.155th
He, Bi Hong22.086th
Wang, Jeyo17.127th
Li, Zhi Hao16.058th

Combined division

Chan, Wang To179.071st
He, Bi Hong174.0542nd
Che, Hong Fei169.173rd
Li, Zhi Hao163.084th
Wan, Jeyo154.575th
Luo, Jian Bin149.346th

This contest is sponsored by HICOO, Beer Toy, and YoStation.

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