Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2009
Shape Butterfly
Color Red
Gold (limited edition)
Weight 66 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 36mm
String Gap Width: 3.8mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C
Response system Duncan Silicone Sticker (large-bearing) on one side

The Vendetta by Duncan was released in 2009 as one of the very first models of the Screaming Eagle line, alongside the MayheM.

The yo-yo, which was designed by Kyle Weems, features an aluminum body machined in the classic Butterfly shape, along with a large-bearing Silicone Sticker installed on only one side for bind responsiveness. Along with that, it is the very first yo-yo by Duncan to use a C-sized ball bearing. 

In addition to the prototypes being unveiled and showcased, there were also 100 limited edition units in a gold color released to the public. 


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