Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 1930
Shape Imperial
Color Various
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 2"
Width: N/A
String Gap Width: N/A
Material One-piece wood
Bearing size Fixed wooden axle
Response system None
The O-Boy by Duncan Toys was their very first yo-yo product released following founder Donald F. Duncan's purchase of the Flores yo-yo company. The yo-yo mentioned the yo-yo patent as on the original Flores yo-yos, but curiously didn't include the Duncan name. The O-Boy is similar is design to the Flores yo-yos, suggesting that Flores blanks were used in the early production model. It features a narrow string gap, slip string (not tied to the axle) and an ink-stamped logo.



Spirit Bomb on a 70 year-old Duncan O-Boy00:23

Spirit Bomb on a 70 year-old Duncan O-Boy

Ed Haponik performing the Spirit Bomb with an O-Boy. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks! Video credit to Ed's YouTube Channel

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