Taken outside of Turf in San Mateo, 2006

David "Cappy" Capurro is a yo-yo performer who has been involved in many shows and has appeared on both cable and network tv. He is the head and founder of the Spin Doctors Yo-Yo Club located in Alameda, CA. He is a former member of Team Yoyojam, and has worked for BC/Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos in the past.

David recently received the National Achievement Award at the 2007 US National Yo-Yo Contest. The National Achievement Award is bestowed on a person whose effort successfully improves the sport, and positively influences the industry.

Some of the entities David has performed for:

  • The Fillmore.
  • The Great American Music Hall.
  • Slims.
  • Jim Rose Twisted Tour on the Travel Channel.
  • Jim Rose Circus, 3 national and 1 canadian tours
  • Punchline Comedy Club w/ The Jim Rose Circus.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  • Laughing Squid 5th, 6th, and 8th anniversary parties.
  • WebTV.
  • Circus Cabaret
  • NymFezt 2003.
  • Paul Nathan's Dark Karnival.
  • Paul Nathan's Dark Kabaret, 2002-2004
  • Frank Olivier's Twisted Cabaret Midnight Madness
  • Sioux City Art Splash festival 2000.
  • I Hate Cartoons book release party 1 and 2, and the touring version of the show.
  • Hotel Utah, SF.
  • The Odeon, SF.
  • Chris Karney's Visceral Variety show.
  • Discovery Channel.
  • The Bravo channel.
  • Oakland A's opening day 2000.
  • World Yo-Yo Contest, 1998-2000.
  • National Yo-Yo Contest, 1995-current.
  • Bay Area Classic Yo-Yo Contest, 1998-current.
  • California State Yo-Yo Championships, 1995-current.
  • West Coast Regional Yo-Yo Championships, 1995-current.
  • First Night Santa Cruz, 1995-1996.
  • You asked for it (local gameshow series).
  • Steel Reserve brewing company.
  • Exotic Erotic Ball 2004 & 2005 Cow Palace
  • The Isotope
  • San Mateo Municipal Transportation District
  • 46th Annual Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteers Holiday Show
  • Foster City Toyota


David Capurro - Laughing Squid Party
  • 1995 West Coast Regionals -- 4th Place in beginners division, 17 and over.
  • 1995 Santa Cruz City Championships -- Top Contender.
  • 1995 National Championships -- 1st Place in beginner division, ages 12-20.
  • 1996 California State Championships -- 3rd place in advanced division, adults.
  • 1996 West Coast Regionals -- 3rd Place in advanced division, adults.
  • 1998 California State Championships -- 4th place in advanced division, adults.
  • 1998 Bay Area Classic -- 1st Place in advanced division, adults.
  • 1998 West Coast Regionals -- 2nd Place in advanced division, adults.
  • 1998 Nevada State Championships -- 2nd place in advanced division, adults.
  • 1998 Nevada State Championships -- 4th place in the freestyle division, all ages.
  • 1998 SF Regional Hyper Spin Yo-Yo Fest -- 2nd place in senior devision.
  • 1999 East Bay Super Spin-Out --1st place in 1-handed freestyle.
  • 1999 Northern California Championships --1st place in expert division.
  • 1999 Marin County Yo-Yo Classic --3rd place in expert division.
  • 1999 Marin County Yo-Yo Classic -- 3rd place in freestyle division.
  • 1999 South East Regionals -- 1st place in 1-handed compulsories and freestyle divisions.
  • 2000 Mother of all Yo-Yo Contests -- 4th place in the main division.
  • 2000 Mother of all Yo-Yo Contests -- 2nd place in the Fixed Axle Challenge.
  • 2001 California State Championships -- 1st place in the ladder division for my age group.
  • 2004 Bay Area Classic -- overall high scorer among all age divisions for the Sport Ladder division.

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