The DXL Crew is a Yo-Yo team originating from Southern California which was formed in early 2001. Under the leadership of Glasseye, The DXL Crew has expanded worldwide with members hailing from the USA, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.

While it is not a competition or sponsored team, several of its members are among the world's best yo-yo players.

In 2002, Team Others and The DXL Crew formed an alliance informally known and DXL/Others.

Original Founding Members: Bonnie Mitchell, Felix Avellana, Glasseye, James Lac, Jason Gallagher, Jason Lee, Kalani Bergdorf, Patrick Mitchell, Mo Chavez

Many have speculated as to the meaning of the letters "DXL." Popular assumptions include "Duncan X Love" or "Double Xtra Large," however some have suggested that the letters are in fact not initals, and stand for nothing.  

External link

The Glass Lab - Official home of The DXL Crew

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