The Milk 2% by Crucial is a slightly redesigned yo-yo for better playability and smoothness. By redistributing the weight Paul Yath has made a great yo-yo even better with a better feel all around. Yath has completely changed the Spacer Pad Response System with a smaller version of the old system for more rim weight to over all weight distribution. The 2% Milk uses a Size A bearing most commonly associated with Duncan yo-yos. The 2% percent milk by Crucial has a run of over 250 yo-yos.


  • Solid Delrin to provide a low friction grind on the finger and palm.
  • Rubber O-rings underneath the response system to absorb shock and make the yo-yo less wobbly
  • Redesigned Spacer Pad Response System
  • Size A Bearings
  • Low vibration

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