British Yo-Yo Association or "BYYA" is the organizing body for yo-yos contests in the UK.

It was originally founded in 1998 by the same people behind the distribution of Yomega yo-yos. It was founded simply to bring some legitimacy to the other wise company biased competitions. Although how the BYYA did this is unknown!

When the craze passed (in 1999) the BYYA disappeared. In 2002 Arron Sparks re-launched the BYYA to help promote yo-yoing in the UK.

"The BYYA has an objective to promote yo-yoing in the UK as an Art form as well
as a Sport. To help players develop their skill as far as possible and share
their tricks and knowledge and to push the boundaries of yo-yoing. Ensuring
yo-yos stay fun for the long term."

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