Brent Dellinger is a former member of Team YoYoJam and the 2002 U.S. National 1A Yo-Yo Champion.

He has had three signature yo-yos; The SpinMaster, the Spinmaster 2, and the Spin Master 3. He has competed since 2000 and is well known for his quick lacerations and showmanship. He was an active member of Yeam YoYoJam and retired from competition in 2005.

He is the namesake of the popular GT-laceration trick, the Brent Stole. The trick's name refers to the year at the U.S. Nationals that Dellinger demonstrated the trick which Alex Berenguel had invented prior. 

Signature Yo-yos

  • YoYoJam SpinMaster
  • YoYoJam SpinMaster 2
  • YoYoJam SpinMaster 3

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