Trick also known as Sidestyle throw
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Invented by Classic
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The Breakaway is basically nothing but a Throw Down to the right (if you are right handed). Seen from your position, the yo-yo should rotate clockwise (counter-clockwise for left handers). Usually you let the yo-yo swing around to your left hand in order to do a basic mount like the Man on the Flying Trapeze or to go on to another sidestyle trick like the Double or Nothing. The following picture sequence shows how it's done.



Step 1: Hold the yo-yo above your shoulder.


Step 2: Throw it away from you, releasing the yo-yo quite early...


Step 3: ...and swinging...


Step 4:


Step 5: ...downwards.


Step 6: This is the point, where the string no longer is held by being wedged against the response system. The picture shows this nicely: the string is no longer taut at the end. From here on the yo-yo is falling freely, sharply hitting the end of the string. This can be quite painful, and thus it is recommended, that you stop pulling on the string shortly before this point is reached.


Step 7: Let the yo-yo continue upwards into the kind of trick you are trying to do.

One simple continuation is to let the yo-yo swing up a little more, and then have it return from the side, a bit like in Forward Pass. This can also be seen in the videos mentioned in the infobox.

How To Do Basic Yo-Yo Tricks How To Do The Breakaway Yo-Yo Trick01:47

How To Do Basic Yo-Yo Tricks How To Do The Breakaway Yo-Yo Trick

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