Branden Moreau
, Yo-yo Moreau, started yo-yoing in 1996, and competed in a number of contests until his retirement from competition in 2005 due to pressures from culinary school. Since that time Branden has acted as a judge in a number of competions. Branden is also apart of the DXL Crew, Ditch Down Crew, and one of the Founders of the String Cheese Yo-Yo Club based out of Spokane, WA.

Previous yo-yo sponsorships includes companies such as Spintastics, Extreme Spin, and Team Yomega.



  • NorthWest Regional Wow the Judge 2nd Place
  • NorthWest Regional Freestyle 3rd Place


  • NorthWest Regional Wow the Judge 1st Place
  • NorthWest Regional Freestyle 2nd Place
  • National Yo-yo Contest Single A 8th Place


  • Bay Area classic Single A 5th Place
  • Yomega Worlds Pro-Am 1 Freestyle 6th place
  • Yomega Worlds Pro-Am 1 Trick Ladder 9th place
  • AAA Throwdown at Nationals 4th place


  • Bay Area Classic Single A 7th place
  • Yomega Worlds Pro-Am 1 Freestyle 7th place
  • National Yo-yo Contest Single A 23rd
  • High School Letterman for Recognition Yo-yoing as a Sport


  • Pacific Northwest Regionals Freestyle 2nd place
  • Retired from Competition


  • Inland Empire Challange Judge


  • Inland Empire Challage Judge


  • Pacific Northwest Regionals Judge

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