Auldey and AODA are both yo-yo manufacturing companies. Almost all of their yo-yo models are direct bootlegs from other yoyo companies, such as Yomega, Duncan, Dif-e-Yo,and YoYoFactory. Images are available at:

Rival Companies

AODA and Auldey are supposedly in direct competition, as both are bootleg companies. Both have their own bootleg yo-yo model of the Freehand Zero, as well as the Bone Chip, Sirius, Speeder, and Raider.

Auldey uses these yo-yo bootleg models in their television show series called "Blazing Teens". This is a tv series about teenagers playing with yo-yos.


The quality of these bootleg yoyos compared to the original yoyos can be defined easily by:

  • quality of play
  • missing pieces
  • wobble
  • outside paint quality

In many cases, the bootleg yo-yos are each made differently, meaning that it is based on chance if you get a good quality or bad quality one. Most times the yo-yo wobbles. The paint design quality is not a problem when it comes down to the bonechip and SPYY bootleg yo-yos. Pictures of these bootlegs are available at:

The Bonechip is almost identical to the bootleg version. The bootleg Auldey version logo is in the same place as where Dif-e-Yo puts it. To top it off, the blue rubber rings surrounding the caps are identical. The SPYY has the same smooth curves and bands inside the caps as the bootleg.

The main problem of paint quality is that AODA and Auldey always boast their logo big and clear on their yo-yos, and a great example is the SPYY yo-yo. AODA placed their name in large print circling the outer rims of the sidecaps.


Bootleg yo-yos are often much cheaper than the originals. Some examples: (in US dollars)

Dif-e-yo Bone Chip: $85.00 Bootleg Bone Chip: under $50.00

Yoyojam Speeder: $40.00 Bootleg Speeder: under $20.00

Duncan FHZ: $20.00 Bootleg FHZ: under $8.00

Yomega Xodus 2: $20.00 Bootleg xodus 2: under $10.00

Yomega Raider: $15.00 Bootleg raider: under $5.00

YoYoJam Sirius: $50.00 Bootleg sirius: under $20.00

YoyoJam X-ConVict: $40.00 Bootleg Super Tornado: under $15.00

Yoyo jam Dark Magic 2 Price:$40.80


In some ways the yo-yoing community has benefited from Auldey. These bootleg yoyos are much cheaper than the real yoyos (due to lower quality and not having to go through the design process), meaning that children who can't afford the original can still get into yo-yoing. Audley has also promoted yo-yoing extensively through its television show,

However, both YoYoFactory and YoyoJam have,12930.msg132286.html#msg132286 spoken out against] the practice of bootlegging. Audley has attempted to fix this with later products, by producing either new designs or licensing the design from the original manufacturer.

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