The Asociacion Mexicana de Yo-Yo (Mexican Yo-Yo Association) was founded on August 2, 2005 by Isaac Kanarek. Its mission is to promote the sport of yo-yo in Mexico and organize the national contests.

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The most important goal of the Mexican Yo-Yo Association is to create excelent players to compete at the World Yo-Yo Contest and some day win it.

We are like 38 members that we meet every saturday at 11 AM in a Public park (Parque Mexico) in Mexico City.

Where we share tricks, learn some new stuff and practice!

We have 3 main events during the year THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, SUMMER AND WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS, we are showing the Mexican people that Yo-Yos have been change, the style of play and the skills too, trying to explain every moments that yo-yos are not an old cheap toy that you can buy with 2 soda crowns and 1 dolar!

Is more than that if you need more info check our website and dont hesitate to contact us!

Keep practice and yo-yo in peace!


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