Allyoyo is a yo-yo team run by Julius based in Phoenix, AZ. They promote shows at schools and community events and other venues. Julius established Allyoyo in May 24, 2006, and has been entertaining audiences state wide with his brand of great yoyo comedy. Allyoyo promotes a "Get Up and Play" attitude that's very entertaining, and inspires people to realize that with a lot of little time and little fun, anyone can yo-yo. Their shows incorporate Art, Science, Safety and Fun, which creates a show that is both fun and educational for adults also. Allyoyo also runs Team Allyoyo and teaches local free yo-yo classes. go to the AllYoyo websit.

for more info contact julius

Allyoyo is also closely affiliated with YoYoFactory. Julius was on World Team Proyo with Hans "YoHans" Van Dan Elzen and Benjamin McPhee. Partially because of this affiliation, Allyoyo has released their signature yo-yo which is a YoYoFactory 888  Allyoyo.

Current Team Members

The current team members are

  • Shannon Jackson
  • Perry Waxman
  • Jordan Hubbard
  • Joe Heilman
  • Francis Judd
  • Andrew Capuno
  • Michael Bedner

Signature Yo-yos

External Links

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