Ahmad Dhamiri Nur or known as Dimi throughout the yo-yoing community, is involved in much of the Malaysian yoyoing scene. He has performed all over Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Taiwan. He has also judge at least 20 different contest in and out of Malaysia. He is one of the official judge for the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championship (AP) and also a 2x National Champion (5A).

He was one of the founding members of Duncan Crew Malaysia and was a part of the Duncan Crew World-Wide. Other than that, he was a member of the Malaysian Yo-yo Club and has serverd as the past president of the club. Currently he is a member of Team Izm by yoyoaddict.



  • BP ProYo Challenge Semifinalist - 2nd Place


  • Bukit Jalil YoComp 2nd Place
  • YoComp - Single A 1st Place
  • YoComp at Amcorp Mall, Single A - 2nd Place


  • Duncan Philippines Tour Performer
  • Super Yo-Yo Performer/MC


  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 1A - finalist


  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 1A - finalist
  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 4A - finalist
  • Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 5A - finalist


  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 1A - 5th place
  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 5A - 4th place


  • Central Yoyo Contest 1A - 6th place
  • Central Yoyo Contest 4A - 4th place
  • Central Yoyo Contest 5A - 2nd place


  • Prague Yo-yo Contest X Division - 4th place
  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 1A - 10th place
  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 5A - 6th place


  • Bali International Yo-yo Open 5A - 3rd place


  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 5A - 1st place


  • Malaysian Yoyo Championships 5A - 1st place

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